Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Illustration Friday: Entangled

Hi all,

I've been catching up on the EFII podcast this week and I have heard so many great interviews. Thomas James is the brain behind it all and I'm so glad he's out there to help me escape from my illustration island. Thank you Thomas!

I started off by listening to Holly DeWolf which was fantastic and full of lots of great info. I bought her book, Breaking Into Freelance Illustration, it should arrive on Friday - I can't wait! Then, I listened to Holli Conger's interview, another amazing interview with loads of info. And finaly, I finished off the day by listening to Penelope Dullaghan, the creator of Illustration Friday, and she explained why and how it got started and it inspired me to try something different for this weeks challenge. When I thought of entangled I went with the first idea that came to mind so I can focus on trying a new style. The technique is the same but instead of the cutesy children's art I have been doing, I tried something a little more serious with a muted color palette. Hope you like it.

Hope everyone is having a good week. :)



translucentblue said...

I love the colors and pattern you've used in this piece...charming. (^_^)

nina seven said...

oh yes, i like it very much!

Jose said...

Looking through your other work I can definitely see the change in style, particularily in the colors and use of pattern. It's impressive how you can try a new look but still maintain the quality of the previous one.
It'll be equally impressive if she can tame her hair with that little comb =)

Shirley said...

Julissa! What a great, I really, really like this. It's wonderful that you push yourself to try another "feel" to your own artwork...and it is lovely! And thank you for the info about EII..very neat stuff that I hope to listen too soon. All the best and thank you for your kind visit!!

julissa said...

Thanks Translucentblue and Nina! ;)

Jose: "It's impressive how you can try a new look but still maintain the quality of the previous one."

That might be a curse hehe.

Shirley: Thanks for the lovely comment. You're so kind! Yes do listen to EFII when you get it chance - it's great!