Friday, May 21, 2010

Goodies :)

This was published in the 60's and I believe it's part of a series. I love the colors on the cover and the cute grass pattern. And the wallpaper and rocking chair from the inside is so nifty, isn't it :)
This is an adorable German children's book, also from the 60's. I went to Berlin last summer and learned a few German words, so I felt some sort of connection with it. Actually, I just liked the cover and wanted to see the rest of the pretty pictures inside hehe. I just love the cute wooden cabin with the pink decorative window frames.
...and last but not least, a few art supplies :)


bee said...

That book looks lovely :) Hmmm - that grass looks very similar to how I like to do my grass hehe! It's good to know I at least have the retro look happening! :)
Yay for art supplies! Have fun with those :)

rachel awes said...

burney below is ADORABLE
& i see all the wonders
you are speaking of
in these dear books!
what sweet inspiration!x

Julissa said...

Thanks Bee! :)

Rachel : yup, I need all the inspiration I can get hehe. Thanks for the lovely comment :)