Friday, December 31, 2010

Happy New Year! :)

Hello 2011! Here's a little gift for you. All of us gals from We love To Illustrate created some fun January Desktop Wallpaper Downloads.

Here is my design. All you have to do is select your resolution size and click on the image and set to background. Have fun! :)

1280x1024 / 1680x1050 / 1920x1200

This one is for an Ipod Touch or iPhone

Download here!

I'd also like to share these Illustration Business tips by Holli Conger. She has a total of 31 posts for each day in December and they are full of helpful information on how to get started as an illustrator and much, much, more. Check it out!

Well, I'm off to start my year on a nature walk. Woohoo! Hopefully I'll have some fun pictures to share. Have a wonderful January 1st. :)


Nina Seven said...

LOVE your munching squirrels, julissa! what a happy scene and a great way to start off the new year.

Shirley said...

Happy New Year, Julissa!! Wonderful illustration to kick off - I just love those squirrels..they are adorable! Wishing you a year of great projects ahead...I know you will be one busy lady!

Kelly Medina said...

Happy New Year Julissa! I'm so glad to have met you in 2010 and look forward to another year :)

All the best!


P.S. I love this desktop. So cute!

Tracy said...

Adorable calendar/desktop! I love how your art group all post something the same ... the back-to-school tags, the Christmas tags, now the desktops. Love it! :)

Julissa said...

Thanks so much for the comments! Happy New year to all of you!
xo :)

Tamara Henderson said...

Cute calendar! Have a Happy New Year!

m said...

My new desktop wallpaper makes me smile all day. Thank you! But what will we do in February?!

Julissa Mora said...

Thank you Tamara! You too! :D

M - Awww, that is so sweet. Thank you! Maybe I will do one for February... just for you ;) Check back next month and see.

J :)

m said...

After finding you on twitter, I'm loving your illustrations! I'll look forward to following along with what you're doing.

Coralie Colorie said...

I love your works! I will come back soon!