Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New York Inter­na­tional Gift Fair!

Last week I was extremely inspired by my trip to the New York Inter­na­tional Gift Fair. Thanks to my new pal Paul Ocepek, from Art Thingys that told me about the event and got me in! ;) What a sweet and talented guy. His booth was full of super cool and funky wall art. Check out the link above to see his wall art. Also, my new partner in crime Nicole Alesi, from Stuff by Nicole joined me on the trip, which made for a super fun day! She's a very talented artist... check out her Etsy shop full of pop-driven illustrations here!

I really wanted to take pictures but thought I wasn't allowed. Not sure if it was a no-no or not but I just assumed. However, Nicole found this blog called, Oh So Beautiful Paper by Nole Garey, that did an amazing 4 part write-up on the show: A week at the New York Inter­na­tional Gift Fair: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4. The images above are taken from Nole's blog. Hope you enjoy and get inspired by it! :D


Tamara Henderson said...

Cute designs and very inspiring! Thanks for sharing!


It was such a blast - I'm happy that I got to see the Fair and hang out with some really cool peeps. (hint: you!)

Andi Butler said...

I have an RSS feed to Oh So Beautiful Paper. It's a lovely blog! The NYIGF looked fantastic!

a : )

Julissa Mora said...

Thanks ladies! It was an eye opening experience.

Andi- Good idea! I think I'll RSS them too. It's such a great blog!