Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pillow Covers & NYC Fun!

Hello and Happy November! Can you believe that we're already into the holiday season? Crazy huh?! And it SNOWED on Saturday... In October?! What ever happened to Fall? How's the weather where you're at?

I am so excited about this post because I get to share some of my fun new product designs and some pictures from the Workbook's Creative Carnival party that I participated in.

I am absolutely tickled about these pillow cover designs! I made these for my Illustration group & they can be purchased over at my Envelop shop! I think they'd be great holiday gifts, don't you?! :) Check out what the rest of the ladies did at We Love To Illustrate. I'm positive you'll fall in love with each and every one!

Last Thursday, I had the honor of participating in the Workbook's Creative Carnival Party. This was their first year and I can assure you it will come around again next year! Bob Pastore from Workbook was responsible for the event and I must say it was a smashing success! I had tons of fun painting and mingling. Below is a picture of the event. And yes! That's me at the table along with two of my supporting fans. The very talented Hiroe Nakata and Jon Bolinoa are right behind me here ;) To read about the event and to see more pictures, please go here!

Lastly, here's a picture of the snowfall on Saturday. 

xo, J


Shirley said...

Julissa! Awesome pillow designs!! Pop on over to my blog when you have a chance! : )

Shirley said...

: ) Hee hee! Glad that you won! And wow..that event looked amazing, Julissa. And snow too? Brrr!

Srta. Medusa said...

Lovely pillows!

bee said...

LOVE your pillow designs Julissa, they would be especially cute in a nursery or kid's room! I'm so glad your live painting adventure was a success! Looks like a mad fun party going on there!! :D

Erin K said...

Love your designs..they would make any child so very happy. Even a big one like me. lol..^^ Wow...New York through your lens looks so beautiful.

Ben Clanton said...

the pillow designs are wonderful! :)
I want all of them!

Megan Coyle said...

I LOVE those pillows :) soooo sooo much fun!