Wednesday, August 13, 2014

FREE Back to School Printable

Hello there! Oh goodness it's been such a while since I've posted. I have been extremely busy with multiple projects - thank goodness hehe :) Hopefully this freebie will make up for it!

As you know my Illustration group is now considered a Studio. We've starting our first FREE download series, Back To School. Here's my set. 

These encouraging sayings are inspired by my fiancé. Occasionally he'll hide sweet little notes around my workspace. I love finding them! They always brighten up my day. Have fun slipping them into your kid's lunch bag, placing them on your co-worker's desk, or hiding them somewhere for your sweetheart to find. You can download them here!


Christina Betts said...

thank you so much, these are adorable and I'm going to put one on my hubby's desk!

Julissa Mora said...

You are so welcome! And, I'm happy to hear that your hubby will be receiving an uplifting note soonish YAY! :) xoxo

Liv said...

I know this sweet download was posted so long ago, but is there any way that it can still be accessed? The link no longer works and I would love to print these out to tuck into my daughters lunch for school!

Julissa Mora said...

Hi Liv,

So sorry about the broken link. I reorganized my dropbox folder a while ago, so some of the files got moved around and I forgot to re-link them. It should work now. Enjoy! ;)