Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Hello and Happy, happy SUMMER!

Lots to talk about here... First, I wanted to announce that me and the girls over at We Love To Illustrate Studio are back on track with a full list of FUN activities planned for the summer. We've kicked things off with a "Welcome Summer" theme. Stop by to check out some "hot" art and don't forget to visit us at the beginning of each month to see what we've been up to.

Here's my contribution: Summer is HERE! Let's beach it up! Don't you think this would be a cute advertisement for Baby Gap? That's what I had in mind when I was creating it. Hang it up in your studio or office to keep the sun shinning inside and out. ;) You can purchase the print here!

I also created this version with a white background, which didn't "make the cut" in my opinion, but I thought it would be nice to share it anyway.

Also, last month was my 3rd year attending SURTEX, and I have to admit that it gets better by the year. I had such a blast working the booth with the amazing Pink Light Team. These gals are the sweetest bunch, but don't let them fool you -- they mean business! Walking the show was another awesome experience. I got to catch-up with friends that I see there each year, as well as meeting some longtime friendships that I've created through the iternets ;) Nina, my WLTI buddy, being one of them plus many more. All and all, it was an inspiring show filled with mucho talented artists and just a good time catching up with my fellow artists buds.

Happy June! Wishing you a creative week/ month!

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