Sunday, October 4, 2009

Craft Fair pics and more

The craft fair was lots of fun! I got to hang out with my fellow co-op artist and met some new lovely peeps. To all the came by, thanks for supporting us! Here are some pictures of my booth before the craft fair got started.

Earlier this week I mentioned my coloring book. Well... it's printed and ready to go! I've got lots of positive comments on it this weekend. Yeah!!! Here is a picture of the cover. It's currently for sale at my shop and at Cottage Industry. :)

Oh and I just shipped out some goodies for an Etsy customer. :) I think it's really nice when there's a special touch like a drawing or stamps on the envelope/box. Why not decorate the outside too...right! :D


Soggy Dog Studios said...

Oh look at all your cute stuff.... I missed the fair, soccer filled weekend.... Love the coloring book! See you soon! - Kim

Shirley said...

SUPER cute coloring, that's brilliant. Great packaging too (love the blue string). All of those details make it so special. Love your work..and thank you for swinging by to check out Monsieur Olivet (my mouse character)...he was fun. I am amiss at your blog - you have a lovely, lovely blog and website!! Awesome!!

nina seven said...

your coloring book looks delightful! i hope you sell tons!

julie Haymaker thompson said...

Lucky etsy customer for getting such I nice wrapping Mine get used boxes shame on me!!!