Thursday, October 25, 2012

Adorable Owl Lovers 2013 Calendar!

Hello friends! I have a little something special to share with you today. My friend Shivani from My Owl Barn has put together an adorable Owl Lovers 2013 Calendar! The calendar is a collaboration between My Owl Barn and over 40 very talented artists from around the world, including my dear friend, Cally Johnson-Isaacs, from We Love To Illustrate.

The calendar is completely customizable, so you can select which ever owl image you want to print for which ever month. How cool is that!? Shavini has also created a pre-made version that you can download and print. I can wait to create my very own Owl Lover 2013 Calendar! Enjoy and happy owl-ing hehe ;)

Here are some of the adorable owls that you can choose from.

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